During 3 years I worked about the plight of ostracised Indian widows. This is the incredible story of social reformer Bindeshwar Pathak bringing happiness into the lives of Indian widows, a story from despair to hope. A book, Angels of Ghost Street, has been published by Edition Lammerhuber.

Par : Auteur

Widow lon a bed of flowers
I am happy and I am proud.
Why should I be ashamed?
My smile is full of wisdom and serenity.
I am a woman. I am your mother, sister, and daughter…
I gave birth, and love, and life.
I gave blood, and sweat, and tears,
With such a long patience…
But you gave me back contempt, and exclusion.
Do not worry.
You are not true, you are not sincere, you are wrong.
But I do not care and I love you.

I am a woman and I am a widow.
I loved my husband so much.
He passed away and I … I became what?
Untouchable? Scavenger? A shame for society?
Tell me… Sincerely… Who should be ashamed?
Did I steal? Did I kill? Did I rape?
It is so easy to put me down.
This is what YOU think,
Because I look so fragile.
You think that you can easily ignore me,
Crush me between your fingers.

But God is Love and I am a servant of Love,
A Lover of Goodness, Beauty, Justice and Truth.
I believe in Sulabh, and I trust Dr. Pathak:
I believe in peaceful and deep social revolution
Giving birth to a fair society
Where I shall be a princess in your dreams…
And no more a nightmare and a ghost in your unfair reality!

Please, please, can you only… RESPECT ME?
I am just like you: I am free!
And my name is Beauty, Shanti, Felicity.
This is Holi and…
I am Victory of Simplicity.

Xavier Zimbardo, 2016

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