During 3 years I worked about the plight of ostracised Indian widows. This is the incredible story of social reformer Bindeshwar Pathak bringing happiness into the lives of Indian widows, a story from despair to hope. A book, Angels of Ghost Street, has been published by Edition Lammerhuber.

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Dr Pathak with widows at Taj Mahal
He is called Dr Bindeshwar Pathak. With tens of thousands of volunteers from his NGO, Sulabh International, the largest in India, he watches over those widows, he struggles with them. They are ALL struggling to make the world a little less silly, much fairer, more beautiful. With these enthusiastic women, he raises arms in a sign of victory. They all laugh together: this is just Happiness, because the world is changing. Together, they are going to mark a historic milestone in the destiny of that great nation. They earned all due respect and dignity, they gained recognition of an entire society.
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