During 3 years I worked about the plight of ostracised Indian widows. This is the incredible story of social reformer Bindeshwar Pathak bringing happiness into the lives of Indian widows, a story from despair to hope. A book, Angels of Ghost Street, has been published by Edition Lammerhuber.

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Widows celebrate Holi in Vrindavan
Widows dare celebrate Holi: the goal of this extraordinary religious event is to dissolve the borders between individuals and to join with the divinity. In the sun-filled whirlwinds, the spectrums of colors mix and merge to mask the bodies and unite them in a single dark appearance. And from these shadows, due to a sublime metamorphosis, the light of the Unique One emerges. There is no more ego, no more gender, no more old and young, no more rich and poor. The individual soul joins the universal soul. For a few fleeting moments, one joins with the love of the cosmos, and time ceases to exist.
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