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"Color is my Kingdom”

I was born in Sarcelles, one of the poorest suburbs of Paris. My parents lived some kind of powerful Romeo and Juliet tragic love story, which left my mother very depressed for 50 years after my father left. I was 11 years old. It made me very unsettled, upset and disturbed to see her constantly crying, complaining about life (she used to repeat again and again that life brings not bread and honey, but “toast with shit that you eat every day”) and criticizing me for this and that (“Stop smiling like your father!” or “Stop looking at girls like your father!”).
However, I came to understand that the answer to these problems was not to view them as difficulties but as adventures. It nearly drove me mad. I had to go to a psychotherapist for several years, which really helped me not only to understand myself better, but others as well. It gives such energy when you create to survive. I learned to forgive her, and it gives even more energy to create when one can forgive.
My experiences in our suburb made me conscious that the system we live in is quite unfair and that our planet is in great danger because of pollution, imperialist conflicts, religious fundamentalism, etc. For a long time, I was a radical activist and then, to show how the world is strange and beautiful, how life could be wonderful, I became a photographer. My aim was to express the need to be very aware and mindful – to enjoy what has been given to us and do our best to preserve it.
I also discovered that if I want to change anything for the better, first I have to work on improving myself. I study spirituality and its relation to art, and I practice deep meditation and yoga pranayama daily as a way to explore my desires, my weaknesses, and develop my strength, creativity and serenity.
When I was a child, I could see colors in the World. Now, I can see worlds in Color. India and photography opened my eyes to the Soul of the universe. Art is the visible face of the invisible side of life. Everywhere in the world and every day that I live, colors amaze me and move me. Everywhere I go, I harvest colors like stars, and I admire them like flowers or butterflies. I am in Love. Thanks to them, my heart is beating as intensely as my soul is feeling pain or happiness when listening to the waves of music or the depths of silence.
The essential in art is precisely the elusive emotion, which continues to amaze. The work takes the shape of an unfathomable mystery, beyond words and even thought. Any creation worthy of the name is by necessity touched by the complex and inexpressible.

Life’s Mystery
Color expresses pure emotion and addresses itself directly to the arteries and blood. It fills the heart, evokes desire and passionately dilates the gaze. It is shocking and dazzling. A magic spell.
Recently I brought back hundreds of colorful fabrics from India and Morocco to the city of my childhood. (…)
For me, everything became easier because I used every single thing as a means to be happier. As a very enthusiastic person, I try to share my feelings, my emotions and my strength through my art. First, I try to surprise myself with every new creation I make, not always repeating the same things, the same approach, or the same method. I want to share energy, love, and mystery, wonder… wondering…
My art will take on many forms, fed by conceptual, abstract, surrealist “schools”, along with documentary photojournalism, only to serve beauty, grace, spirituality, poetry, love…

Color is my Kingdom, Art is my Life, and Beauty is my Breath.

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