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"If I was asked to get rid of the Zen aesthetic and just keep one quality necessary to create art, I would say it's trust. When you learn to trust yourself implicitly, you no longer need to prove something through your art. You simply allow it to come out, to be as it is. This is when creating art becomes effortless. It happens just as you grow your hair. It grows."
Eva Maria Guichard

"LES RAISINS DE LA COULEUR" is a project and workshops about "Colours, Joy and Happiness" I made with PhotSoc Festival and children of the Paris suburbs in Summer 2012 at Sarcelles where I live. Sarcelles is a wellknown suburb at 15km of Paris. Wellknown because it is the first new city with high buildings at low rate built after the Second World War. It became one of the fifth poorest city in France. Nearly 50% of the youth remains unemployed, and many children seldom or never go for holidays.However it is very rich in various cultures. There a lot of migrants came, Armenians, Jews after the French defeat in the colonialist war in Algeria, lot of Muslim families from North Africa and Black Africa, refugees from Vietnam, Tamils from Tamil Nadu Pndichery and Sri Lanka, Sikhs from India, workers from Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Reunion... and more recently Catholic Assyro-Chaldeans refufees from the Middle-East persecutions of Christians. We used mostly colourful fabrics I had bought in India and in Morocco to build a world full of smiles, laughing, kindness, friendship and dreams. I was helped by a team of friends and assistants, by public partners like Ville de Sarcelles and Conseil Général du Val d'Oise, by the "Maisons de Quartier" Les VIGNES BLANCHES, WATTEAU, CHARDONNERETTES, the "Centres Sociaux" ROSIERS-CHANTEPIE and SABLONS, by Private partners like CANON, DUPON, COMPAGNIE DE PHALSBOURG, TINTAPRINT, etc. and by dynamic organizations like OPEJ.

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